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Forgotten Flyers: The Fairchild Aircraft Model F-45 - Fairchild F-45 -

Forgotten Flyers: The Fairchild Aircraft Model F-45

Ryan Keough

I think I have always had a soft spot for the forgotten or overlooked parts of aviation history and as a result, I end up learned a lot about some fairly obscure aircraft, pilots and airports as I work my way around the web. I actually like this trait of mine as it makes me feel really special when I uncover something really mysterious. I’ll write about such finds later in future blog posts, but I might as well start with something that is a bit of ongoing research for me. Continue reading


17 Signs that Your Airplane Preservation Hobby may be Impacting Your Home and Family Life…

Ryan Keough

Why only seventeen? Because we’re too busy with the airplane project to come up with three more! Hope you enjoy the chuckles… and hope they don’t hit too close to … Continue reading

Ryan is All Mixed Up - Ryan Keough

It’s been a while now hasn’t it…

Ryan Keough

So, while I am waiting for a batch of files to upload to my webserver, I happened to “Google” myself just for kicks (yes, we all do it from time … Continue reading

One Six Right Aviation Documentary Film - Ryan Keough

One Six Right: Weeping on a Saturday Morning

Ryan Keough

It only took me four years to actually do it, but I finally watched the acclaimed aviation documentary One Six Right this morning after buying the last copy of it … Continue reading

1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata "Miyagi" - Ryan Keough

Missing My Mazda Miata Madly Mid-Makeover

Ryan Keough

If you had asked me last year at this time if I were capable of falling in love with a car, I would have laughed in your face. Cars? Me? … Continue reading

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